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We find ourselves in a very important time of transition, in which the rules of play of our society are changing drastically. We come from a time in which surviving was key and are moving towards a time in which living is key. This is the transition of the cosmic night to the cosmic day.


The Wholism Project, whose roots go back to 1989, aims to make the transition from the cosmic night to the cosmic day as smoothly as possible for humans, animals, plants and our Mother Earth.


From the cosmic principle “As within, so without” to achieve this goal the Wholism Project has developed about 125 treatments, two Basculations, 21 exercises and 88 different Connections (mid January 2018).

Almost every week a new treatment and a new Connection are introduced, once every six weeks a new Basculation and so now and then a new Impulse exercise.


The Wholism Project itself is also in full development with the wonderful possibilities that the cosmic day offers us.



For reasons of many clients and work, it's not possible to communicate with Bas and Marieke about the Project and its products in any other language than Dutch.


Transition from the cosmic night towards the cosmic day

Besides the transition from Pisces to Aquarius age, from which you probably have heard, there are six other, longer cycles of time which more or less simultaneously terminate and start again. We are in transition from a cosmic night into a cosmic day. During the cosmic night, which lasted about 300,000 years, the Earth and everything that lives upon it went through a development towards further density (materialization).


This difficult road we could only go decreasing our frequency, for example by weakening each other through wars, quarrels, competition and so on. In the cosmic day it is the intention that, from matter, we reconnect again with the Divine.


To be able to do this, we must again raise our frequency and reinforce each other. It is also intended that we start to process our past, that in the cosmic night was a necessary ballast.


While all healing methods in the cosmic night moved problems and traumas to another level or to the environment, in the cosmic day there are possibilities for true healing. One of them is transmutation, which uses the light of the cosmic day. In short we are moving from a time in which survival was the main issue towards a time in which “to live” is crucial.

The Wholism Project


The rules and possibilities of the cosmic days are diametrically opposed to that of the cosmic night, literally a difference of day and night. The Wholism Project, whose roots go back to 1989, has the purpose to make the shift from cosmic night to cosmic day as easily as possible for humans, animals, plants and our Mother Earth.


Essential vital questions, such as: “What is the meaning of life?”, “How do I stay healthy?”, “How do I become happy?”, “How do I maintain a fulfilling relationship?” and “How do I improve my life through development?” are at the forefront in the cosmic day. These questions serve as a guideline for the treatments and Connections of the Wholism Project. They offer help and support to go through the development that will teach you to truly live in stead of mere surviving.


Bas y Marieke van Woelderen, the people behind the Wholism Project, offer a growing amount of treatments that work on increasingly deeper levels.

It is good to realize that Bas and Marieke have developed into being a channel for these treatments. As their channel is able to transmit higher energies, they are allowed to offer even deeper working treatments. They transmit these energies and realize that they could not do this by themselves.

Personal experience



In 1995, I collapsed due to the chronic fatigue syndrome, to an extent that made impossible any normal functioning. During the quest for improvement, my doctor suggested Ozaliet, what according to his Bio-resonance device, would be beneficial for me. Earlier I had my house neutralized for radiation because I was extremely sensitive for anything, and certainly radiation. The neutralization was done in an old-fashioned and expensive way, with little blocks sticked on the walls. These walls were removed during a renovation and I would have to do it all over again.


Fortunately, the foundation Wholisme did not only have Ozaliet for me, but also Benzoliet for my renovated home! The experiences were so special that I was curious for more. That is how, around the year 2000,I came to organize a series of meetings with Bas, later on with his former partner Martien, for a group of neighbours and friends. What I found particularly striking was that those people, including myself, were hardly into New Age kind of stuff. Still, everyone felt on his or her place during the meetings, just as I took it for granted to organize them. I can also remember that I once received an individual treatment from a distance, there was a planet connection repaired, or broken, I can't remember exactly. But in terms of impact it already resembled the treatments of today. While they didn't tell me the exact hour before, from one to another moment I felt a huge burden disappear from me.

This all seems very long ago, but I see a clear line because the energy of Aquarius Wholisme and the Wholism Project has always deeply affected me. Although I was “offline” for a few years. During that period, I began to practice Reiki, but despite of obtaining all degrees, initiating a few friends and writing a manual, it never became really my thing.


The contact with Bas and Martien was renewed in 2008 during an “Fulfil your Life’s Purpose” meeting in Delft. The energy was immediately familiar, but the impact of that single session / treatment was much greater. One of the funniest and most earthly effects was that in the week after that, I received a gift every day. From misdirected flowers to dinner parties, companies which gave me weird discounts and even an unexpected return of taxes. Initially I took it easy, but the last few years I feel a strong inner urge to receive as much treatments as possible in a short time.


Looking back on the recent years, I see myself as a rocket, which rejects every time another piece of ballast. Because I use to react quite intense, this is certainly not a bed of roses. But it is worth it and many things had fallen into their places. At all levels, from everyday oddities, to life-long annoying patterns and fuzzy images and annoyances on even deeper levels. All in all, the Wholism Project became an essential part of my life.


I was not surprised when Bas and Marieke asked me to be a Project Partner. I don´t have any clue to where exactly this will lead me, but for me the Wholism Project is an interesting and beautiful adventure.

Aquarius Labyrinth


The Aquarius Labyrinth is a symbol that supports the treatments. By making contact with it, it helps you transmuting, grounding and connecting with the Higher.

You can download the image of the Labyrinth

here at the Dutch site.



The text is an excerpt from the Dutch website www.wholismproject.nl containing the original texts written by Bas and Marieke van Woelderen.





For reasons of many clients and work, it's not possible to communicate with Bas and Marieke about the Project and its products in any other language than Dutch.









Karin Knijnenburg,

Project Partner Wholism Project